Phone the Clinical Microbiology and Infection science journal on their UK contact number 01865 843 177 for general enquiries about their published articles and for details about their laboratory research.

Clinical Microbiology and Infection is a scientific journal published by the European Society of Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases (ESCMID) with a wide range of foci including DNA assessments, laboratory trials and human cell interaction studies. You may call their UK phone number 01865 843 177 for enquiries about the research that has been published under their peer-reviewed process, for example if you are a student looking for further details about the methodology you can call this helpline to reach the lead scientist on a particular article. Similarly if you have identified an error in published results you should call this number immediately to notify them of any misleading statistical findings and to report clinical negligence. Moreover if you are interested in publishing work in the journal you can phone this number to submit your paper and to check the requirements needed for submission. You can also phone this number if you represent a UK university and your students are having technical difficulties with downloading articles so that you can issue support guidance for them.


Subscription enquiries – 01865 843 434

Contact Clinical Microbiology and Infection by calling their dedicated phone number 01865 843 434 to manage your subscription to the journal, for example if you have an annual membership you can dial this helpline to renew it. Similarly if you recieve paper copies of the online journal you can call this helpline to check where your print issues are if they haven’t arrived by the usual dates.


Clinical Microbiology and Infection phone numbers

Department UK contact number
General enquiries 01865 843 177
Manage your subscription 01865 843 434
Advertising queries 0207 424 4454
Supplement enquiries 0207 424 4963
Classified advertisements 01425 462 736
Permissions 01865 843 830


Write to Clinical Microbiology and Infection

Please use the US postal address below if you wish to make written enquiries to Clinical Microbiology and Infection, however please remember to attach sufficient international postage when sending your letter abroad.

Clinical Microbiology and Infection,
Elsevier Inc.,
1600 John F. Kennedy Boulevard,
Suite 1800,
PA 19103-2899,
United States of America.