Contact the Journal of Clinical Microbiology by calling their US phone number +1 202 737 3600 to discuss previously published research articles, to manage your subscription and for technical support accessing your online account.

The Journal of Clinical Microbiology is an American medical journal with a focus on laboratory studies of microbes which is published on a monthly basis. You may phone their US contact number +1 202 737 3600 if you have any enquiries about an article published in their paper, for example if you would like specific microbial research protocols from the leading author as well as details on the relevant peer-review processes you should dial this helpline. Furthermore if you are a monthly subscriber to the journal please call this helpline to renew your subscription if it is coming up to expiry, where you can also review their annual pricing scheme which may save you money. Similarly if you represent an educational institution you can call this helpline to manage your group subscription if students are having technical difficulties when accessing papers. By contrast if you have submitted medical research documents to the paper you should call this helpline to track your application for publishing and to get further details if your manuscript was rejected. Moreover if you are a member of the media and you would like information on what their published microbiology research means in the context of public health you can call this number for press releases.


Email addresses for the Journal of Clinical Microbiology

Given the costs of calling a US helpline from the UK it is probably preferable to email your enquiries to the Journal of Clinical Microbiology, please use the online address which is most relevant to your queries from the list below.

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