You should contact Queen Mary, University of London on their Blizzard Institute telephone number 020 7882 5511 for enquiries specific to their MSc Clinical Microbiology course, its entrance requirements, to discuss laboratory facilities or to ask whether you should study a PGDip in the subject before enrolling as a Master’s student.


MSc Clinical Microbiology Enquiries – 020 7882 5511

The Queen Mary MSc course in Clinical Microbiology is designed to provide students a with theoretical, laboratory, and clinically applied aspects of the academic discipline. You can phone Queen Mary on their Blizzard Institute reception number 020 7882 5511 for enquiries about the MSc course and the facilities available at the Whitechapel campus and throughout the university. For instance, you should get in touch for information about entry requirements, the fees and funding opportunities for Microbiology students. Prospective students can also call the Blizzard Institute to request a tour of their microbiology laboratories, either as part of an official university Open Day or prior your admissions interview. You may also have queries abut the shared facilities that the Queen Mary Microbiology department has with other faculties throughout the University of London, or the University College Hospital, should you wish to work in a clinical career in the future. Alternatively, you can Queen Mary on their Blizzard Institute number 020 7882 5511 to ask for the contact email for a particular member of staff in the Clinical Microbiology department. Offer-holders may wish to contact a representative to discuss the accommodation available, and to ask for the difference in cost between the Queen Mary accommodation services and the intercollegiate halls for all University of London students.


University Call Costs

Queen Mary University uses a contact number prefixed with a London area code, meaning that callers will be charged the same standard per-minute rate as any other local call made from a UK mobile or landline telephone. However, you may be able to contact the Clinical Microbiology for free if you are using any inclusive minutes in your mobile tariff or if your landline deal comes with free calls to local numbers.


Queen Mary University Numbers

Queen Mary Department UK Phone Number
Clinical Microbiology Enquiries 020 7882 5511
Reception 020 7882 5555
Admissions Office 020 7882 5511


Queen Mary Email Address

If you would to make enquiry your enquiry in writing or are required to send off a completed MSc course application then you should write to the Queen Mary postgraduate admissions office at the email address: