Contact UCAS on their undergraduate course enquiries number 0371 468 0468 to enquire about the application process or to check the entrance requirements for a specific STEM course at their chosen UK university.


About UCAS

UCAS stands for the Universities and Colleges Admissions Service and is a UK based organization that assists the application process for applicants to British Universities across a range of subjects including STEM courses. UCAS operates as an independent charity that is funded by the fees charged to applicants and by advertising while supporting them with a database of free information regarding UK educational institutions. UCAS provides its users with several online application portals when looking at UK universities while also giving prospective students a choice of search tools so that they can find the right further education course for their requirements.


Undergraduate Enquiries – 0371 468 0468

Contact UCAS UK on their undergraduate enquiries helpline number 0371 468 0468 if you require assistance with the online course search before making an application. The undergraduate course representative can also discuss how to log into UCAS track so that you can check whether you have received any offers from your chosen universities. Callers can also ask how to make an adjustment to your application or would like support on how to accept a place at your chosen university. If you have been unsuccessful then the UCAS representative will be able to guide you through the clearing process to help you receive a place at a back up university. Callers should ask about the dates of UCAS UK’s deadlines if they would like to apply to a both an Arts or STEM course before the clearing process begins.


UCAS Postgraduate Enquiries – 0371 334 4 447

Contact UCAS on their postgraduate enquiries helpline number 0371 334 4 447 for information about how to apply to a Master’s Programme following your undergraduate degree. For instance callers may be interested to know that they can now apply for postgraduate student finance rather than rely on grants, savings and commercial bank loans to fund their education. Furthermore it is important to clarify the differences in the postgraduate application process as students will use UCAS’s online tool to apply for a PGCE but often have to apply to their chosen institution directly for a Master’s Degree whether it is in the humanities or a STEM course.


Call Costs and Opening Hours

UCAS UK’s helplines operate a geographic 03 contact number that will charge callers the standard per-minute rate as any other local calls from a UK mobile or landline telephone. However, you may be able to contact UCAS for free if you are using any inclusive free minutes that have been offered by your telephone’s service provider. UCAS is available to be contacted during the working week as it operates its helpline during the opening hours of 8:30am-6pm Monday to Friday.


Key UCAS Contact Numbers

UCAS Helpline UK Contact Number Opening Hours
UCAS Undergraduate Course Enquiries 0371 468 0468 8:30am-6pm Monday to Friday
UCAS Conservatoires Course Enquiries 0371 468 0470 8:30am-6pm Monday to Friday
UCAS Enquiries for Applicants aged between 13-16 0371 468 2 568 8:30am-6pm Monday to Friday
UCAS Postgraduate Enquiries 0371 334 4 447 8:30am-6pm Monday to Friday
UCAS Postgraduate Teacher Training 0371 468 0469 8:30am-6pm Monday to Friday


UCAS Online Support

‬If you require application support then you can also find a range of how-to guides that feature general advice about higher education on UCAS’ digital help centre.


Write to UCAS

If you are unable to get through to UCAS by telephone then you may wish to make a formal written enquiry to be sent to their UK postal address: UCAS Head Office, Rosehill, New Barn Lane, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, GL52 3LZ, United Kingdom.